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The Social Media boom has been a major driver behind companies emphasising more on social media marketing. Whether you are a furniture retailer or a hotel, the social media presence of your brand is crucial in times of today. Social media agencies you find on Neon Model Management, therefore, help your company a great deal to capitalise on social media. Whether you hire a social media agency in Sydney or Dubai, it is a wise investment for your business in the long-run.

Social media agencies nurture experienced professionals who put their heart and soul to make your brand more visible and engaging. Typical jobs of an agency include content creation, keeping a tab on industry related news, reply to incoming social media posts, scheduling posts, reviewing social media analytics, engaging with followers, and following up on phone calls, emails, and social media conversations. A social media manager is responsible for building marketing strategies and creating new digital campaigns in a systematic manner. What the majority of social media agencies do for companies is strategy and planning or social media publishing. There are agencies who handle complete social media management for you, just like us Neon Model Management.

If you are a company with an in-house marketing team, you may go for a social media consulting agency. They analyse the presence of your brand on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Then they do competitive analysis and suggest what you may do to improve your social media presence. For companies with small budgets to spend on social media, hiring a social media-publishing agency is a profitable and safe deal. This kind of agency tackles all of the social media publishing facets of your business. It mainly operates as an in-house social media marketing department.

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Social media marketing in Sydney possesses much of the experience needed in the Digital Marketing industry. Neon Model Management have the ability to produce reports clearly depicting your social media campaign’s progress on key performance indicators. As a company, you also need to know what social media platforms we use to help your brand grow so read about what we can offer today!

About Our Influencers


Working with Neon Model Management surpassed all of my expectations. Enabling us to pursue successful influencer campaigns no matter what the brief. Nina and the team are a credit to the industry, and I’d most definitely work with them time and time again.


We have tried different models of working with influencers before we found Nina. We used to have to find, contact, and negotiate with influencers one by one and the process would take days, now all it takes is a few emails with Nina and she would have the entire campaign mapped out and managed for me. Neon is now a core part of our influencer strategy going forward.

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We were honestly so happy with the Influencer lunch and how it was executed. The turnout was amazing and the lunch itself looked so on brand and worked incredibly well for us.

We can hopefully look at doing another one towards the end of the year when the season changes for guys.

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