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Advocate your brand through Social Media Influencers & Celebrities.

Every business needs social media marketing. Create your own campaign in minutes. Your business needs to increase engagement and create beautiful content to those who follow and advocate your brand. Whether you operate in Australia or Globally, you require hiring social media influencers to connect with new and existing audiences.

Now that we understand the relevance of social influencers for business growth and brand popularity, we need to know the ways to find and hire them.


An influencer marketplace, such as Neon Model Management, is your one-stop shop for influencers of all types.

Find the right influencer that matches your brand and they can create ongoing content for your business and products.

We as an Influencer marketing platform work hard to help you find the right influencer for your marketing campaign.


Once Neon have found the perfect influencers for your brand, we will then help to activate your campaign. Neon offers exclusive package deals for startups, beginner’s, intermediate, established or large businesses which help capitalise on reaching the highest level of brand awareness and sales but at the most cost-effective price, whilst still adding value. This runs for Instagram, Youtube, Content Creation & Bloggers.

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“Working with Neon Model Management surpassed all of my expectations. Enabling us to pursue successful influencer campaigns no matter what the brief. Nina and the team are a credit to the industry, and I’d most definitely work with them time and time again.”


“I cannot think of another agency who go above and beyond like Neon Model Management does. The talent list is impressive and Nina’s consistency and attention to detail inspire me each time. Nina always supports any project I am working on with a constant flow of ideas and suggestions. What a brilliant way to work. I will always keep Neon at the top of my list for all future projects and partnerships.”

Angela Khoudair

“We have tried different models of working with influencers before we found Nina. We used to have to find, contact, and negotiate with influencers one by one and the process would take days, now all it takes is a few emails with Nina and she would have the entire campaign mapped out and managed for me. Neon is now a core part of our influencer strategy going forward. “