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Influencer Events x Neon

If you are looking for professional talent, whether it be models, celebrities, or Influencers to assist in getting the word out or to plan an event, you can contact us at Neon Model Management. Unlike some promotional companies, we are able to run one-off promotions as well as lengthy promotional campaigns. We have an energetic and professional team that has your best interests in mind at all times.

We have a great selection of talent and can help you make a customised plan.

Just Happened: Celebrity Tour x Neon

Lucy Watson @ Australia

Lucy Watson’s Australian Tour at the start of 2018 captured vibrant imagery from iconic locations, which is displayed on her Instagram with over 1.4 Million followers. The Australian Tourism board was excited to take Lucy to exotic locations outside of the city such as Whitehavens Beach on Hamilton Island. Lucy’s love for animals and her vegan lifestyle fell nicely into the Australian culture – we can’t wait for Lucy to come back 🙂