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5 Tips to Grow your Instagram for Aspiring Influencers

Knowing where to start in order to grow your following can be hard, so we have broken down our 5 top tips for aspiring Instagram influencers to know, with examples from our Neon Influencers to help show you the way.   1. Find your passion Themes that you love and that make you excited are […]

Knowing where to start in order to grow your following can be hard, so we have broken down our 5 top tips for aspiring Instagram influencers to know, with examples from our Neon Influencers to help show you the way.


1. Find your passion

Themes that you love and that make you excited are easy to make content for. So it is important to find your passion when you start to think about what content you’re going to be creating, whether it be something like fashion, travel or makeup. Your audience will be able to tell that you have an authentic passion for your work, and this individuality will allow you to stand out and showcase your personality, letting people to connect with you on a deeper level.

ScreenShot of 9 photos from Influencer Mika Francis' Instagram

For example, @MikaFrancis’ instagram feed shows that she has an unique style and a clear passion for creating outfits. Her personality is clear through her style, and so her content stands out against others because of her uniqueness.


2. Create great content

Think of your content and theme as your ‘brand’, and by sticking to your ‘brand’ you give your audience a reason to follow you, whether it to be to see creative travel photos or to know what outfits to wear. Your theme should be coherent not only through the subject of the content, but through its aesthetics. Try to make both your individual post as well as your feed follow an overall theme, such as a common colour scheme. You can achieve this through photo editing apps and software such as VSCO or Adobe lightroom, where you can apply filters to your photos.

You should also be making sure that you post consistently to give your audience a reason to keep looking out for your profile, as studies show that posting more frequently results in a boost in engagement. We recommend starting with a minimum of 4 posts per week, and building this up to everyday as your platform grows. You can plan your posts ahead of time to help you stay on a schedule through apps such as Later, Planoly or Ripl.


ScreenShot of Influencer Zac White's Instagram featuring ocean photography

@ZacWhiteee has a clear ‘brand’ within both his feed and his posts, and it is obvious to followers what kind of content he creates. As well as this, Zac keeps his feed coherent through a blue colour scheme from his beach and ocean photography.


3. Engage

When brands look to work with influencers, they look not only to the amount of followers they have but to the amount engagement they get. You can facilitate engagement through your captions by sharing your story and connecting with your followers on an emotional level, giving your followers a reason to engage back with you. Engagement is important for Instagram’s algorithm, as the more a person interacts with an account, the more that account is shown to them, increasing the accounts exposure.

As well as this, we suggest that you encourage engagement with your followers by replying to their comments and even following some back. Another easy way to grow your audience is by engaging with and collaborating with other influencers, specifically larger influencers, which will expose your content to their audience.


Screenshot of Jamie Allen's Instagram post featuring her sitting down with Balenciaga sneakers on

For example, @Jamie_Jaymes engages with her audience in this post through her caption by keeping it personal and talking about her New Year’s resolutions. Her audience can then engage back with Jamie by replying with their own resolutions, or showing their support for her resolutions.


4. Promote

As we mentioned before, you should think of your content as your ‘brand’, so it is important that you approach promoting your content the same way. Create a social media strategy that includes planning out your content, what you want to create within a certain timeline and how often and when you will post .We recommend getting a business account because it will help with your social media strategy as it gives you access into insights about your account. These insights include the days and times which give you the best engagement as well as your follower demographics. Knowing this then gives you a base of what posts to promote to which demographics, and what time to post them. Long term demographics are also helpful when you may want to approach brands to collaborate with.


Screen shot of Neon Model Management Instagram page

As you can see at @Neonmodelmanagement we have a business account for our Instagram, which allows people to get in contact with us through our business email and phone number.


5. Be strategic

Our last tip is to be strategic with all the elements of your Instagram page by making sure you use the right captions, bio and hashtags to help grow your audience. We mentioned before about using your captions to share your story and encourage engagement, but another thing to do focus on is your bio. Your bio is the first thing that a brand or a new follower will see, so make it noteworthy and add what kind of content you make (such as fashion or travel) so that your page comes up when people are searching for that topic.

As well as this, make sure you are using the right hashtags as they are a good way for people to find your content. However, hashtags with a high search volume aren’t always the best. We recommend using hashtags with a different rage of number of posts, ranging from above 10 000 up to 1 million but not more. Finally, use the insights from your business account to be strategic with the content you are making, and when you are posting so that you are able achieve the most engagement possible.


Screen Shot of Influencer Copper Garden's Instagram page

A good example of someone utilizing their bio is @CopperGarden, who makes it clear for people coming across her profile what kind of content she posts, as after her name she has ‘London Style Inspo’


We hope these 5 tips help you get started on your way to growing your Instagram, let us know what you thought by commenting down below or on our most recent Instagram!